Fun Book Marketing Idea: Eight Terrible Titles


Design_066-512Have you been tagged in one of those author challenges on Facebook were you randomly pull lines or phrases from your book or WIP? While I don’t often participate, I came across one today that caught my attention and made me want to REALLY read that author’s book.

It occurred to me this would be a fun and unique way to promote your book as opposed to the more traditional use of excerpts or reviews.

Romance author Marilyn Baxter has graciously granted permission for me to use her Eight Terrible Titles as an example. These are from her current work in progress, PICTURE THIS.

How to Play:  Blindly scroll through your book or manuscript. As you scroll, let your cursor fall wherever it may. Select the phrase it lands on and–BAM! You’ve got yourself one terrifically terrible title! Repeat this seven more times.

Results (from Marilyn Baxter’s manuscript):

1. Breath Mints, Lip Balm and an Assortment of Condoms
2. A Gaggle of Women
3. A Hint of Reality
4. Use the Hammer First
5. Misogynistic Attitudes and Automatic Assumptions
6. Allergic to Marriage
7. An Entirely Different Woman
8. Waiting to Be Hung

This is definitely an innovative approach to creating colorful, humorous samples with which to tempt readers.

Try this and let us know what kind of response you get.


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