Gifts for Writers Guide


“If I get one more journal…”

Sadly, this is the mental dialogue in every writer’s head when they start to unwrap a gift. Choose one of these items for a gift that will genuinely be appreciated by any author, journalist, writer or poet. Heck, some of them are so fun you might want one for yourself as well!


1. Create a photo blanket with an author’s book covers. Purchase:


2. “I turn coffee into books” coffee mug. Purchase:


3. Writer bling! Purchase:

4. Fund a professional membership, conference, workshop, advertising or services (editing, cover design, etc.). Most writers have limited budgets and would adore not only the fiscal generosity, but your support of their career!


5. Eau de Paperback? Not sure musty aged paper works as a fragrance, but it’s definitely writer-oriented. Purchase:


6. If you’re a writer, you can’t ever have enough totes. This Betsey Johson bag is practical and pretty. Purchase:

7. A gift subscription to Writer’s Digest is just $20 and provides a year’s worth of good stuff. Purchase:

Work Station.jpg

8. For any writer who puts in hours at a desk, this crazy-looking work surface is a must-have. Portable and mulit-functional, it creates several different work stations. Purchase:

9. For those days or weeks when your favorite author is on deadline, give the gift of time. Coupons for meal prep, running errands or babysitting could save their sanity!


10. Writers love memes and Someecards are the best! A year’s worth on this tear-off calendar. Purchase:


11. Personalize a bottle of wine with an author’s book cover for a special remembrance. Purchase:


12. Word fun! Bananagram is easily portable so perfect for writer retreats and travel. Purchase:


13. “Ask Me About My Book” hand-stamped keychain. Purchase:


14. No more forgetting brilliant inspirations between the shower and the computer! Aqua Notes waterproof notepad! Purchase:

15. Comfort is important, but so is looking good. Replace those worn out sweats with new yoga pants. Throw in some sneakers and fun T-shirts to remind your favorite writer it’s also important to get up and move!


16. Hip flask. This one is definitely on my list. Purchase:


17. For the “comma-happy” writer. Purchase:

18. Assemble a gift basket of healthy goodies – nuts, dried fruit, turkey pepperoni, pretzels, dark chocolate, nut butters, granola, trail mix, fresh fruit.

19. About $15 a month, a subscription to Audible makes a great gift for authors.


20. Scarves are a popular accessory. For writers, these literary scarves really make a fashion statement. Purchase:


21. Shhh! Writer at work desk lamp! Purchase:


22. Perfect for a spontaneous getaway or writer retreat!  Purchase:


23. Whimsical literary tea bags. Purchase:

24. For those writers battling procrastination. Purchase:

What’s the best writer gift you received or gave?


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