JUST FIVE THINGS: Creating social media content


Colourful_Triangles_Number_Five_PNG_Clipart_ImageJust Five Things, a list of simple actions that can enhance your publishing career. One tip for each day of the week related to every aspect of publishing from time management to marketing to writing.

1.   Create a list of authors/influencers to cross-promote. Check their social media channels daily and share content on your social media.

2.  Schedule weekly features such as Monday Humor, Tuesday Teaser, Friday giveaway, etc.

3.  Check Twitter and other social media channels for trending topics.

4.  Check the calendar for holidays and events. Two good resources are Book Marketing Buzz Blog’s 2016 Literary Calendar and Holiday Insights website.

5.  Create opportunities for readers and fans to engage. Invite them to share photos of families, pets, travels or post an intriguing question.

See you next week for another list of Just Five Things.

If you have a tip to share or need help with a challenge, email me at myauthorconcierge@gmail.com.


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