Just Five Things: Create a user-friendly website


WhiteJust Five Things, a list of simple actions that can enhance your publishing career. One tip for each day of the week related to every aspect of publishing from time management to marketing to writing.

1.   List important contact information (Facebook, Twitter and email) on the home page.

2.  Hyperlink external content, such as vendor buy links, and set links to open in a new browser screen.

3.  Spell out your email (myauthorconcierge@gmail.com) vs. an automatic icon that triggers a pop-up email. Not everyone has this option set up on their computer/device.

4.  Enhance “readability” by balancing text with white space, selecting an easy-to-read font, and using subheads, bullets and lists.

5.  Use commonly accepted words for navigation tags and pages such as Home, About, Blog, Contact.

See you next week for another list of Just Five Things.

If you have a tip to share or need help with a challenge, email me at myauthorconcierge@gmail.com.


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