Do you need an author assistant?


Many authors, especially self-published authors, are hiring author assistants to help manage the business end of their publishing business.  If you aren’t sure  whether or not you need an assistant, try one of these assessments.

Track your time for two or three days.

Determine how much time you spend on every single task. Be honest and be accurate. A summary that reveals you frequently interrupt your writing to check Facebook may indicate a need to either organize, limit or delegate your social media activity. You may also be surprised to see how many non-writing tasks you handle on a daily basis. Using an Excel spreadsheet or Word document table is a simple way to organize this information.

Professional self-assessment.

Answer these questions. The responses may indicate areas where you need help.

  • Are you meeting your writing goals and deadlines?
  • Is your social media regularly updated?
  • Do you avoid tasks because you dislike and/or lack the ability to perform them?
  • Are you losing writing time to repetitive, basic tasks?
  • Do you procrastinate to avoid certain tasks?
  • Is your creativity and/or productivity suffering because you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel like you are working harder than ever but not making progress?
  • Are you losing writing time trying to figure out how to perform certain tasks?
  • Do you want to expand your career and/or grow your readership?
  • Are you turning down opportunities because you’re too busy?
  • Do you need better work/life balance?
  • Are you disorganized and unproductive?
  • Are your personal work relationships suffering (i.e. working with spouse, friend, family member)?
  • Have you taken a vacation (a real vacation) in the last three years?

While there are many reasons to hire an assistant, there are also indicators that now might not be the right time to recruit assistance.

  • Are you fully committed to a publishing career?
  • Do you have clearly defined career and production goals?
  • Can you afford to hire a qualified, experienced, knowledgeable author assistant?
  • Do you know where you need help?
  • Are you prepared to invest the time, energy and effort required into building a partnership with an assistant?

Do you have questions about working with an author assistant? Contact My Author Concierge for information, tips and advice.

thinpaperback_795x1003This content is excerpted from DO LESS. WRITE MORE.: The Author’s Guide to Finding, Hiring and Keeping an Excellent Author Assistant.Copies are available from most online vendors:


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