Just Five Things: Nurture your creativity


5Just Five Things, a list of simple actions that can enhance your publishing career. One tip for each day of the week related to every aspect of publishing from time management to marketing to writing.

1.  Before making any decision, spend 3-5 minutes brainstorming.

2.  Infuse your physical environment with creative elements – music, photos, inspirational sayings, toys, candles, colored pens, etc.

3.  Tap into collective brainpower for new ideas – exchange ideas with a critique group or writing partner.

4.  Observe your surroundings and pay close attention to what you see and hear. These observations can provide inspiration for new ideas.

5.  Change things up. If you normally work on a laptop at home, write longhand at a coffee shop. If you usually plot your story, try free writing or pantsing. If you write linearly, start by writing the ending first.

See you next week for another list of Just Five Things.

If you have a tip to share or need help with a challenge, email me at myauthorconcierge@gmail.com.


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