Just Five Things: Conference ‘thrive & survive’ tips


5Just Five Things, a list of simple actions that can enhance your publishing career. One tip for each day of the week related to every aspect of publishing from time management to marketing to writing.

1. Pack a wardrobe with these key considerations: comfort, (business) casual, cross-purpose-able, low maintenance, flexible. Pick one or two basic colors to more easily coordinate shoes and accessories. Include options for dressy occasions and downtime.

2. Pace yourself. Get sufficient sleep. Stay hydrated. Don’t overindulge (food and alcohol).

3. Set realistic expectations. Acknowledge that you won’t be able to attend every workshop, event, gathering, party, etc. Don’t expect your dream editor to offer you a six-book contract. Identify 3-5 practical outcomes, such as meeting 10 new people, learning more about a certain topic, identifying potential cross-promotional partners, etc.

4. Familiarize yourself with the conference/event before you arrive. Where are meeting rooms located? What is the schedule of events? Who are the presenters/attendees? Are there any special requirements or considerations?

5. Prepare to have fun. Many people attend conferences completely focused on business, which can create an intense, intimidating aura. Going into the event with a positive, cheerful, upbeat attitude makes you approachable, personable and appealing.

See you next week for another list of Just Five Things.

If you have a tip to share or need help with a challenge, email me at myauthorconcierge@gmail.com.


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