Just Five Things: Conference Etiquette


number-5Just Five Things, a list of simple actions that can enhance your publishing career. One tip for each day of the week related to every aspect of publishing from time management to marketing to writing.

1. Networking is an important part of attending conferences but not always an easy or comfortable process. Show an interest in other people by listening and asking questions. Reciprocate the courtesy – if someone shows interest in you, return the favor.

2. Do not occupy multiple seats, especially in crowded workshops/presentations. Store your stuff under your chair, not on the one next to you.

3. Do not stalk or monopolize the time/attention of agents, editors, publishers, speakers, etc.

4. Do not share photos of other individuals on social media without asking permission. Do not post compromising or unflattering content of others on social media.

5. Be quiet. Silence your cell and avoid distracting extraneous conversation during presentations.

These tips are based on the article Conference Etiquette a la Rob Lowe.

See you next week for another list of Just Five Things.

If you have a tip to share or need help with a challenge, email me at myauthorconcierge@gmail.com.


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